Non-Fungible Token is a digital file (token) that represents the unique identity and ownership of a particular asset (often a collectible item) verified on blockchain.

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Tagcoin (TAG)

Tagcoin is a unique, native cryptocurrency of the Tag protocol. It has a pre-defined, limited production rate and a limited supply - similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is to establish it as a Store of Value asset.

Tagcoin Production Rate


Cryptocurrency & Blockchain projects are high risk operations because of their experimental nature. By participating in this project, participants declare to understand and assume the following risks:

The lack of regulation: the purchaser agrees not to benefit from any guarantees associated with presale on regulated financial markets or other regulated financial investments. Capital loss: the purchaser accepts the risk of a total or partial capital loss in cryptocurrency or in the token. Volatility or market risk: the value of tokens, just like that of cryptocurrencies in general, can be extremely volatile and subject to significant, and largely unforeseeable fluctuations. Moreover, the market or markets on which these tokens are traded do not offer the same guarantees that are generally applicable to conventional financial markets.

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